Commemorate Your High School Achievements

Commemorate Your High School Achievements

We take senior portraits in Odessa, TX

Your senior year is the threshold of the rest of your life. Capture the essence of your dreams and aspirations in a set of senior portraits from Purple Elephant Photography. You'll never forget the time you've spent in high school. Honor your hard work with a set of stunning senior portraits. Call our Odessa, TX location today to schedule your photography session.

How to make sure your senior portraits capture your success

Our senior portraits are part glamour shot, part commemoration. You're closing the door on your high school years and stepping into your adult life. Mark this milestone by making an appointment at Purple Elephant Photography in Odessa, Texas.

To get the best senior portraits possible, we recommend you:

  • Do wear formal or semi-formal clothing
  • Don't get a new hairstyle right before the session
  • Do wear your glasses if they're part of your regular attire
  • Don't fret about how you look

We'll capture all of your natural grace and charisma. Call 432-269-3584 today to book your senior portrait session.


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