Schedule Your Newborn Portraits Right Away

Schedule Your Newborn Portraits Right Away

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You only have a few days to get your newborn portraits before your tiny bundle of joy outgrows their newborn tendencies. They'll trade in that precious womb pose, the scrunched eyes and curled fingers for a wide-eyed curiosity after just a couple of weeks.

Call Purple Elephant Photography in Odessa, Texas now to schedule your newborn portraits. We can help you select a date.

Immortalize motherhood with our maternity portraits

It's easy to avoid the camera when you're pregnant-especially if you feel heavy and uncomfortable. But don't miss out on this opportunity to celebrate your pregnancy with a set of maternity portraits.

Purple Elephant Photography offers baby bump photoshoots to clients in the Odessa, TX area. Our maternity portraits allow you to:

  • Show your child how happy you felt knowing they were on the way
  • Help older children feel involved by including them in the photoshoot
  • Look back on your pregnancy with fondness for years to come

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