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Professional photography services and wedding photography in Odessa, TX

While you’re creating memories to last a lifetime, why not capture them forever with the help of a professional photographer? With Purple Elephant Photography, you can relive your most treasured moments whenever you want with the help of artful images that fully demonstrate the joy and beauty of the event.

Purple Elephant Photography is available for weddings, engagements, prenatal shoots, baby pictures and any occasion you’d like to reflect on for years to come. Call today to schedule your consultation with a professional photographer in Odessa, Texas.

Why hire a professional photographer?

Enjoy the benefits of hiring a photographer in Odessa, TX

With all of the phone cameras, selfie sticks and other personal photography equipment out there, you may be wondering if professional photography is necessary for your event. Though you might save a few dollars by taking care of the photography yourself, you’ll miss out on the irreplaceable benefits of hiring a professional photographer.

Book photography services in Odessa, Texas with Purple Elephant Photography and enjoy the benefits of having a professional photographer cover your event. These include:

Modern photography equipment – our professional-grade cameras, stands, lighting equipment and other photography gear ensure quality photos. No blurs, bad lighting or “red eyes.”
Detailed image finishing – we revisit your pictures and touch them up with modern photography software to further enhance the beauty and crispness of your pictures.
Personal attention – we’re there for one thing: to take your pictures. You won’t have to flag us down to take a picture, because we’ll always be attentive to your needs.

To enhance your event by hiring a professional photographer in Odessa, TX, schedule your consultation with Purple Elephant Photography today.

Sometimes the best pictures are the ones that aren't posed

Make photography fun and natural

We’ve found that many of our clients look their best when they are simply being themselves. At Purple Elephant Photography, we enjoy complementing the traditional poses and pictures with candid photos that capture the authentic joy of your occasion as you experience it. To make photography for your event fun and natural, book your appointment with Purple Elephant Photography today.

Purple Elephant Photography offers the following professional photography services:
-Wedding Photography
-Engagement Photography
-Prenatal Photography
-Senior Portraits
-Holiday Shoots
-And More...

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